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The Making of Vetera Novis | 3D Character Design (Speedsculpting)

Vetera Novis means the old with the new in Latin, Taken from the phrase “vetera novis augere et perficere”, which means to enlarge and perfect the old by means of the new. This project was born from my interest in classical style sculptures when I visited a museum, and I am intrigued by how they are immortalized in time and even stayed admirable in the current time, because art can be timeless.

In this project, I aimed to experiment with a well-known ancient Greek Goddess character, which is Athena, who has a new human-like ‘occupations’ suitable to her character and traits - a potter.
sculpted in ZBRUSH

modelled in MAYA

textured with ZBRUSH

rendered in ARNOLD

final touch with PHOTOSHOP